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Discernment in Communion

Image As a professional speaker, renowned author businessman, and educator, Reverend Brian Richards delivers powerful, charismatic and high-energy presentations which inspire individuals and organizations alike, to their respective levels of greatness. His keynote speeches impact, incite and inform. the trainings transforms! Reverend Brian has over 25 years of business and human relations experience in the Ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ, and has spent the last twelve years in missionary fields in Philippines & China and now in India & Pakistan researching, producing and presenting his own counselling material. He has owned and has founded, several successful organizations including The Word of Faith Ministries International (Australia), and The Brian Richards & Associates vision. With the (United Saints of Australia) Reverend Brian Richards delivers specific, client-focused programs which address His audience needs. His

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The Unwise Steward 2023

Created with Wondershare Filmora Pastor Practitioner at WORD OF FAITH CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP now • The Unwise Stewar... Do you have a tamborine then you got what it takes to start a church and now all you need is faith I was alone and me and the Holy Ghost were a majority and a little faith is all I needed for 28 people to turn up and make the step of faith a success.Please join our team as we go into South Africa,India, Philippines, we have visited Montreal-Canada,Toronto, Vancouver, Cape-town, South Africa ,many other countries,like Hong Kong, China-Philippines: We are registered as a Charity and we are raising funds to feed the poor in Asian Countries, and preach the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. Please visit our website and leave a message or a prayer request so we can pray for your needs to be met.Also there is a page on this website where you can donate for this work of the ministry, all donations are tax exempt donation to the "Wor