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(part5)Join Evangelist School - Word of Faith Ministries International

How To Be A Discerner of Flesh & Spirit is a better title for this Visionary Video we see student being trained for Ministers in a short time and being sent out into the Missionary field with the support of Word of Faith Ministries (Aust) est' and registered since 1984.Be on our mailing list & send us your details by the website below. Shared with Public Join Evangelist School (part 2) we are self supported through our own contributions,and the love gifts of others whom wish to give a donation on website following https://www.divineconnexionsofchrist…. I am surprised how many Christians don’t know the requirements of “How to lead some one to the Lord in prayer & deed” So I prayed to the Lord God what to do about this? the result is a series called. “Join Evangelist School” several good reports already about this, however we would like to hear from you to-day and please click the bell on top of video so you will be sent the next video right to your email address.Please

Join Prophet Evangelist School (Part 4) - Word of Faith Ministries Inte...

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Intro' to Prophet Evangelist School(PART3)Reverend Dr. Brian Richards

For a Marriage Celebrant click here: A Notice of Intended Marriage his is for a for m

(part4) Join Prophet-Evangelist School - with Word of Faith Ministries I...

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